Spectification: 👉 Model: DCPB298 👉 Voltage :20V 👉 Battery capacity: 20V/4.0Ah 👉 Scope of application (mm): M12-M16 👉 Nominal size of square tenon (mm): 12.7 (1/2”) 👉 Torque (Smart): L gear(210N.m) H gear (298N.m) 👉 No-load speed: 0-2000r/min 👉 Number of hits:0-3000r/min 👉 Net Weight: 1.7kg


Features: 1. Brushless motor, greater power, higher efficiency and longer runtime and lifetime; 2. 2-speed, match various applications; 3. Smart loosen function, effectively solve the safety problem when working at height; 4.Ergonomic body design, more compact structure and more comfortable grip. Description: ✦Using brushless motor set, strong torque, rechargeable dual battery pack provides long-lasting battery life. ✦Electronic gear adjustment, intelligent disassembly, support two gear torque adjustment. ✦Alloy steel locking shaft, high-quality all-aluminum machine head. ✦Infinitely variable speed switch, adjust the speed according to the pressing force, improve efficiency. ✦The thin handle is soft encapsulated, which is comfortable to hold and reduces fatigue. ✦High-power diffuse lighting, brighter and clearer. ✦The large ventilating slot can effectively reduce the heat generated during the use of the machine for safety protection. ✦ECP lithium battery protection technology, over current, over temperature, under voltage, charge and discharge protection Accessories & Package Battery Charger x1 Battery (4.0 Ah) x2 Socket M22 x1 Suspension Strap x1 Tool Carrying Bag (Red) x1 #DONGCHENG #DCA #IMPACTGUN #IMPACTWRENCH #POWERTOOL #20V #BATTERY20V  #DCPB298 #DCPB #ADPB18 #ADPB20 #BRUSHLESS #IMPACT #CORDLESS #BATTERYCORDLESS

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